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Vol 31, No 2 (2018)

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Colouring the Mediterranean: Production and Consumption of Purple-dyed Textiles in Pre-Roman Times PDF - OPEN ACCESS
Beatriz MarĂ­n-Aguilera , Francesco Iacono , Margarita Gleba 127-154
A Behavioral Analysis of Monetary Exchange and Craft Production in Rural Tuscany via Small Finds from the Roman Peasant Project PDF + Supplementary material
Stephen A. Collins-Elliott 155-179
Thinking Beyond Imitation: Mixed-style Pottery in Ancient Western Sicily PDF
William M. Balco 180-202
Spatial and Social Discontinuities in Burial Practice and the Privatisation of Mortuary Space in Bronze Age Cyprus PDF
Jennifer M. Webb 203-228
The Obsidian Evidence for Trans-maritime Interactions in the Eastern Mediterranean: The View from Aceramic Neolithic Cyprus PDF
Theodora Moutsiou 229-248


Erratum PDF
Corinna Riva 249

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