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Vol 1, No 1 (2010)

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Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Andreas Önnerfors 5-7
Guest Editorial PDF
Jeffrey Tyssens 8-9
Nationalism, National Identity and Freemasonry PDF
Tim Baycroft 10-22


Monarchy and Aristrocracy as International Factors in Freemasonry: The Case of Prince Frederick of the Netherlands, 1816-1881 PDF
Anton van de Sande 23-35
La Franc-maçonnerie et la Construction du Citoyen en Italie PDF
Anna Maria Isastia 36-48
Franc-maçonnerie et Identité Régionale: Une Question à Rouvrir PDF
Eric Saunier 49-64
Anti-Masonic Speech, 'Quebra-Quilos', and the Empire of Brazil PDF
Kim Richardson 65-78
Freemasonry in Barbados, Trinidad and Grenada: British or Homemade? PDF
Cécile Révauger 79-93
Charles Magnette, Belgian Grand Master in 1914: Cosmopolitan or Nationalist Icon ? PDF
Anaïs Maes 94-119

Book Reviews

JRFF Review Policy PDF
Róbert Péter 120-121
Montserrat Guibernau, The Identity of Nations PDF
Géza Prohászka 122-123
Jessica L. Harland Jacobs, Builders of Empire: Freemasons and British Imperialsim, 1717-1927 PDF
Cécile Révauger 124-125
Petri Mirala, Freemasonry in Ulster, 1733-1813 PDF
Cécile Révauger 126-127
Mervyn Jess, The Orange Order PDF
Géza Prohászka 128-129
Giovanna Summerfield, Credere Aude: Mystifying Enlightenment PDF
Róbert Péter 130-132
Alain Bauer, trans. Ariel Godwin; Isaac Newton`s Freemasonry: The Alchemy of Science and Mysticism PDF
Frigyes Hausz 133-134
Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, The Western Esoteric Tradition: A Historical Introduction PDF
György E. Szőnyi 135-136
Trevor-Stewart (ed.), Freemasonry and Religion: Many Faiths, One Brotherhood PDF
Jimmy Koppen 137-138
Robert A. Gilbert (ed), Seeking the Light: Freemasonry and Initiatic Traditions PDF
Sasha Chaitow 141-142
W. Kirk MacNulty, Freemasonry: Symbols, Secrets, Significance PDF
Sasha Chaitow 143-144
Donald C. O'Brien, Amos Doolittle: Engraver of the New Republic PDF
Aimee E. Newell 145-147

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