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Vol 6, No 2 (2012)

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Table of Contents


Issue Introduction PDF
Reyda L. Taylor 137-138


Blue River Declaration: A New Conversation about an Earth-based Ethic PDF
Gretel Van Wieren , Bron Taylor 139-142
The Blue River Declaration: An Ethic of the Earth Creates a Concordance between Ecological and Ethical Principles PDF
Kathleen Dean Moore 143-145
Blue River Declaration: An Ethic of the Earth PDF
Blue River Quorum 146-150
Works of Doubt and Leaps of Faith: An Augustinian Challenge to Planetary Resilience PDF
Jacob von Heland , Sverker Sörlin 151-175
When Nature is Rats and Roaches: Religious Eco-Justice Activism in Newark, NJ PDF
Matthew B. Immergut , Laurel D. Kearns 176-195
Buddhist Rituals, Mosque Sermons and Marine Turtles: Religion, Ecology and the Conservation of a Dinosaur in West Malaysia PDF
Michael Northcott 196-214
Religion, Disaster, and Colonial Power in the Spanish Philippines in the Sixteenth to Seventeenth Centuries PDF
Alvin Almendrala Camba 215-247

Book Reviews

Gary W. Fick, Food, Farming, and Faith (Albany: SUNY Press, 2008), 223 pp., $14.95 (pbk), ISBN: 978-0-7914-7384-9. PDF
Raymond F. Person, Jr. 232-234
Marc Bekoff and Jessica Pierce, Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2009), 188 pp., $26.00 (cloth), ISBN: 0-226-04161-1. PDF
Daniel McFee 235-237
Ted Steinberg, Down to Earth: Nature’s Role in American History (New York: Oxford University Press, 2nd edn, 2009), xvi + 368 pp., $39.95 (pbk), ISBN: 978-0-19-533182-0. PDF
Brian Allen Drake 238-239
Markus Vogt, Prinzip Nachhaltigkeit: Ein Entwurf aus theologisch-ethischer Perspektive (Munich: Oekom Verlag, 2009), 555 pp., €29.90 (pbk), ISBN: 978-3-86581-091-5. PDF PDF
Sigurd Bergmann 240-242
T.J. Gorringe, The Common Good and the Global Emergency: God and the Built Environment (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011), xi + 309 pp., £55.00 (hbk), ISBN: 978- 1-107-00201-2. PDF
Chris Baker 243-244
Barbara Jane Davy (ed.), Paganism: Critical Concepts in Religious Studies (3 vols.; London: Routledge, 2009), 1056 pp., $810.00 (cloth), ISBN: 978-0-415-43831-5. PDF
Chas S. Clifton 245-247

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