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Vol 3, No 1 (2016)

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Table of Contents


Editor's Introduction PDF
James P. Lantolf 1-2


Language and social determinism in the Vygotskian tradition: A response to Ratner (2015) PDF
Peter E. Jones 3-10
Culture-Centric Vs. Person-Centered Cultural Psychology and Political Philosophy PDF
Carl Ratner 11-26
Enhancing metalinguistic knowledge: Preterite and imperfect in L2 Spanish PDF
Gabriela Adela Gánem-Gutiérrez 27-54
A dialectical reading of Dynamic Systems Theory: Transcending socialized cognition and cognized social dualism in L2 studies PDF
Saeed Karimi-Aghdam 55-82
Dynamic Systems Theory and Sociocultural Theory: Some Connections and Distinctions PDF
Steven G. McCafferty 83-88
Moving toward a Supertheory for All Seasons: Dialectical Dynamic Systems Theory and Sociocultural Theory – A Reply to McCafferty (2016) PDF
Saeed Karimi-Aghdam 89-96
Reaction to the Commentary by Saeed Karimi-Aghdam PDF
Steven G. McCafferty 97-98
Learning Potential and the Dynamic Assessment of L2 Chinese Grammar through Elicited Imitation PDF
Haomin (Stanley) Zhang , Rémi A. van Compernolle 99-120

Book Reviews

Sociocultural Theory and L2 Instructional Pragmatics R. A. van Compernolle (2014) PDF
Elena Garcia Frazier 121-125
How Language Began: Gesture and Speech in Human Evolution David McNeill (2012) PDF
Ramona Kunene Nicolas 126

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