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Vol 20, No 2 (2021)

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Guest Edited by Julia Kuhlin and Yonatan N. Gez

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
Jörg Haustein 119–120

Guest Editorial

Guest Editorial: Pentecostalism and Lived Religion PDF
Julia Kuhlin , Yonatan N. Gez 121–129


Religious Return Mobility in Pentecostalized Kenya PDF
Yonatan N. Gez 130–151
Together with God: Lived Religion among Women in Middle-Class Pentecostal Churches in India PDF
Julia Kuhlin 152–172
The Contextual Significance of Clothes and Jewellery: Lived Religion among Pentecostals in South India PDF
Anita Yadala Suneson 173–194
Everyday Migrant Pentecostalism: Changing Contexts for Life and Faith for Migrants and Migrant Churches in Norway PDF
Stian Sørlie Eriksen 195–216


ARTMAN, Amy Collier. The Miracle Lady: Kathryn Kuhlman and the Transformation of Charismatic Christianity. PDF
Ryan Ramsey 217–218
CARTLEDGE, Mark J., Sarah DUNLOP, Heather BUCKINGHAM and Sophie BREMNER. Megachurches and Social Engagement: Public Theology in Practice. PDF
Nikolaj Christensen 219–221
MITTELSTADT, Martin W. and Caleb H. COURTNEY (eds). Canadian Pentecostal Reader: The First Generation of Pentecostal Voices in Canada (1907–1925). PDF
William K. Kay 222–223
STUDEBAKER, Steven M. The Spirit of Atonement: Pentecostal Contributions and Challenges to the Christian Traditions. PDF
Ryan Kerrison 224–226
YONG, Amos. Renewing the Church by the Spirit: Theological Education after Pentecost. XML
Mark J. Cartledge 227–228

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