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Vol 30, No 2 (2011)

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Table of Contents


Editor's Preface PDF
Earle Waugh 117-118


Volume Editor's Introduction PDF
Mark F. Ruml 119-125
Evolution of Protocols in Traditional Healing Practices and their Effects on the Practice of Healing PDF
Clifford Cardinal 127-133
Toward the Renaissance of Aboriginal Spiritual Culture: Intellectual Advances in Alberta PDF
Earle Waugh 135-153
The Indigenous Knowledge Documentation Project-Morrison Sessions: Gagige Inaakonige, The Eternal Natural Laws PDF
Mark F. Ruml 155-169
Canadian Census Figures on Aboriginal Spiritual Preferences: A Revitalization Movement? PDF
Marc Fonda 171-187
“Our Ancestors Paddle With Us”: Chumash and Makah Indian “Canoe Culture” PDF
Dennis Kelley 189-207
Issues of Tension: Aboriginal Women and Western Feminism PDF
Leta Houle 209-233
The Mouse Woman of Gabriola PDF
David E. Young 235-248

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