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Vol 5, No 2 (2008) Prescribing new medications: A taxonomy of physician patient communication Abstract
Derjung M. Tarn, John Heritage, Debora A. Paterniti, Ron D. Hays, Richard L. Kravitz, Neil S. Wenger
Vol 9, No 3 (2012) Preserving the child as a respondent: Initiating patient-centered interviews in a US outpatient tertiary care pediatric pain clinic Abstract
Ignasi Clemente, John Heritage, Marcia L. Meldrum, Jennie C. I. Tsao, Lonnie K. Zeltzer
Vol 7, No 1 (2010) Problem perception in Dutch university students using tobacco, alcohol and drugs Abstract
Cecile R.L. Boot, Frans J. Meijman, Peter Vonk
Vol 13, No 1 (2016): Teamwork and Team Talk in Healthcare Delivery Professionals’ embodied orientations towards patients in discharge-planning meetings and their impact on patient participation Abstract
Sara Keel, Veronika Schoeb
Vol 8, No 1 (2011) Promissory Strategies of Personalisation in the Commercialisation of Genomic Knowledge Abstract
Michael Arribas-Ayllon, Srikant Sarangi, Angus Clarke
Vol 15, No 3 (2018) Psychotherapeutic potential of online self-help groups: Innovative moments in thread openers’ narratives Abstract
Jesse W.C. Yip
Vol 7, No 1 (2010) Psychotherapists' practices in keeping a session 'on-track' in the face of clients' "off-track" talk Abstract
Charles Antaki, Andrew Jahoda
Vol 16, No 2 (2019): Special Issue: Understanding Change in Psychotherapy Psychotherapy: the art of slow inquiry and gradual discovery Abstract
Sanna Vehviläinen
Vol 14, No 1 (2017) Quantitative metaphor usage patterns in Chinese psychotherapy talk Abstract
Dennis Tay
Vol 5, No 2 (2008) Recycling in clinical interaction involving children with and without language impairment Abstract
Charlotta Plejert, Christina Samuelsson
Vol 16, No 2 (2019): Special Issue: Understanding Change in Psychotherapy Requesting Examples in Psychodiagnostic Interviews: Therapists’ Contribution to the Sequential Co-construction of Clients’ Change Abstract
Thomas Spranz-Fogasy, Eva-Maria Graf, Johannes C. Ehrenthal, Christoph Nikendei
Vol 8, No 3 (2011) Response expansion as a practice for raising a concern during regular prenatal checkups Abstract
Aug Nishizaka
Vol 9, No 3 (2012) Role of Islamic religious and cultural beliefs regarding intellectual impairment and service use: A South Asian parental perspective Abstract
Kulwinder Kaur-Bola, Gurch Randhawa
Vol 5, No 1 (2008) Role-blurring and ethical grey zones associated with lay interpreters: Three case studies Abstract
Charles Brua
Vol 9, No 2 (2012) Salutations, closings and pronouns: Some aspects of recipient design in online counselling Abstract
Wyke Stommel
Vol 11, No 3 (2014) Saving face during routine lifestyle history taking: How patients report and remediate potentially problematic conduct Abstract
Paul Denvir
Vol 14, No 3 (2017) Shared decision making is an ethical imperative, but implementation challenges persist: A rejoinder to ‘Concepts of health, ethics, and communication in shared decision making’ by Lauris Kaldjian Details
Peter Scalia, Glyn Elwyn
Vol 14, No 3 (2017) Shared decision or decision shared? Interactional trajectories in Huntington’s disease management clinics Abstract
Donna Duffin, Srikant Sarangi
Vol 12, No 1 (2015) Sharing information: Mixed-methods investigation of brief experiential interprofessional training for healthcare staff Abstract
Simon Cocksedge, Nicky Barr, Corinne Deakin
Vol 14, No 2 (2017) Small talk as work talk: Enacting the patient-centered approach in nurse-practitioner-patient visits Abstract
Staci Defibaugh
Vol 5, No 1 (2008) Sophistry and Circumstance at the End of Life Abstract
Philip Berry
Vol 16, No 2 (2019): Special Issue: Understanding Change in Psychotherapy Starting points for therapeutic change: Therapists’ rewordings of patients’ experiences Abstract
Claudio Scarvaglieri
Vol 6, No 1 (2009) Stories of chickens and dogs: A narrative metaphor for the analysis of encounters in the veterinary clinic Abstract
Bassey E. Antia, Andrew R. Kwasari
Vol 11, No 1 (2014) Strategies of persuasion in offers to participate in cancer clinical trials I: Topic placement and topic framing Abstract
Ellen Barton, Susan Eggly, Andrew Winckles, Terrance L. Albrecht
Vol 11, No 3 (2014) Strategies of persuasion in offers to participate in cancer clinical trials II: Appeals to altruism Abstract
Ellen Barton, Susan Eggly, Andrew Winckles, Terrance L. Albrecht
Vol 10, No 1 (2013) Stress management: Corpus-based insights into vernacular interpretations of stress Abstract   PDF
Laurel Smith Stvan
Vol 9, No 1 (2012) Supportive interchanges and face-work as ‘protective talk’ in an online self-harm support forum Abstract
Siobhan Sharkey, Janet Smithson, Elaine Hewis, Ray Jones, Tobit Emmens, Tamsin Ford, Christabel Owens
Vol 9, No 2 (2012) Supportive relationships – Psychological effects of group counselling in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) Abstract
Kirsten K. Roessler, Dorte Glintborg, Pernille Ravn, Camilla Birkebaek, Marianne Andersen
Vol 7, No 2 (2010) Talk about Values in the British National Health Service Details
Huw Thomas, Stephen Pattison
Vol 12, No 1 (2015) Talking about paranoid experiences: Interactional dynamics of accomplishing disclosure of psychotic symptoms in triadic conversation Abstract
Pertti Olavi Hella, Jussi Niemi, Jani-Matti Tirkkonen, Jukka Hintikka, Hannu Koponen, Heli Koivumaa-Honkanen
Vol 13, No 1 (2016): Teamwork and Team Talk in Healthcare Delivery Team talk and problem solving in thoracic medicine Abstract
Per Måseide
Vol 12, No 2-3 (2015): Telemedicine/e-health as mediated communication Telemedicine/e-health as mediated communication Details
Srikant Sarangi, Rolf Wynn
Vol 14, No 3 (2017) Testing for resistance: Point-of-care testing as a communicational tool in antibiotic prescribing Abstract
Johanna Lindell
Vol 15, No 3 (2018) The ambiguity of preparing and being prepared for a patient consultation Abstract
Wibeche Ingskog, Wenche S. Bjorbækmo
Vol 5, No 2 (2008) The call to Hawaii: Holistic practitioners’ perspectives of their communicative practices of healing Abstract
Patricia Geist-Martin, Catherine Becker, Summer Carnett, Katherine Slauta
Vol 11, No 3 (2014) The causal attributions of substance use in clients’ change talk during motivational interviewing Abstract
Harri Sarpavaara
Vol 11, No 2 (2014) The collective voice: Legitimation strategies in focus group discussions with nurses in municipal palliative care for older people in Sweden Abstract
Henrik Rahm, Magdalena Andersson, Anna-Karin Edberg
Vol 15, No 2 (2018): Special Issue: Interpreter-Mediated Healthcare Encounters The comparison of shared decision making in monolingual and bilingual health encounters Abstract
Charlene Pope, Jason Roberson
Vol 9, No 1 (2012) The discursive self-construction of suicidal help seekers in computer-mediated discourse Abstract
Irit Kupferberg, Izhak Gilat
Vol 8, No 2 (2011) The everyday elasticity of compliance in a symptomless disease Abstract
Lina Klara Hoel Felde
Vol 7, No 1 (2010) The long-term impact of a communication course for doctors and nurses: The parents’ perspective Abstract
Jette Ammentorp, Poul-Erik Kofoed
Vol 13, No 1 (2016): Teamwork and Team Talk in Healthcare Delivery The management of diagnostic uncertainty and decision-making in genetics case conferences Abstract
Olga Zayts, Srikant Sarangi, Stephanie Schnurr
Vol 10, No 2 (2013) The multiple meanings of ‘disability’ in interviews with amputees Abstract
Emily Heavey
Vol 7, No 1 (2010) The negotiation of the problem statement in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Abstract
Andrew Beckwith, Jonathan Crichton
Vol 10, No 1 (2013) The Patient’s Lifeworld: Building meaningful clinical encounters between patients, physicians and interpreters Abstract   PDF
Yvan Leanza, Isabelle Boivin, Ellen Rosenberg
Vol 9, No 1 (2012) The person in the room: How relating holistically contributes to an effective patient-care provider alliance Abstract
Leslie A. Penner, Kerstin Roger
Vol 8, No 1 (2011) The Persuasive Role of Ethos in Doctor-Patient Interactions Abstract
Sarah Bigi
Vol 5, No 1 (2008) The Rabbit in the Hat: dubious argumentation and the persuasive effects of prescription drug advertising (DTCA) Abstract
Sara Rubinelli, Kent Nakamoto, Peter J. Schulz
Vol 12, No 2-3 (2015): Telemedicine/e-health as mediated communication The relevance of existing health communication models in the email age: An integrative literature review Abstract
Antoinette Mary Fage-Butler, Matilde Nisbeth Jensen
Vol 5, No 2 (2008) The rhetoric of patient voice: Reported talk with patients in referral and consultation letters Abstract
Marlee M. Spafford, Catherine F. Schryer, Lorelei Lingard
Vol 14, No 3 (2017) The road not taken: Forgoing disease-directed treatments in advanced cancer. A rejoinder to ‘Concepts of health, ethics, and communication in shared decision making’ by Lauris Kaldjian Details
Larry D. Cripe, Richard M. Frankel
Vol 7, No 2 (2010) The Role of Active Participation in Interaction for Children Who Use Augmentative and Alternative Communication Abstract
Annette Sophie Sundqvist, Charlotta Plejert, Jerker Rönnberg
Vol 16, No 1 (2019) The role of cognitive science and artificial intelligence in supporting clinical diagnosis Abstract
Claudio Lucchiari, Maria Elide Vanutelli, Raffaella Folgieri
Vol 6, No 1 (2009) The role of role-play: Managing activity ambiguities in simulated doctor consultation in medical education Abstract
Goril Thomassen
Vol 16, No 2 (2019): Special Issue: Understanding Change in Psychotherapy The therapist’s emotional presence and its interactional functions in promoting client change in relationship-focused integrative psychotherapy Abstract
Joanna Pawelczyk
Vol 14, No 3 (2017) The third speaker: The body as interlocutor in conventional, complementary, and integrative medicine encounters Abstract
Sonya Elizabeth Pritzker, Jennifer Guzman, Ka-Kit Hui, Derjung Tarn
Vol 14, No 1 (2017) The understanding of medical abbreviations across different medical departments in a South African hospital setting Abstract
Alicia Sherriff, Hamza Ally, Wasim Mahomed, Heather Rae, Rory Schanknecht, Seipati Sealanyane, Gina Joubert
Vol 5, No 1 (2008) The use of abbreviations in medical records in a multidisciplinary world -- an imminent disaster Abstract
Muhammad Asad Parvaiz, Ashok Subramanian, Namita S. Kendall
Vol 15, No 2 (2018): Special Issue: Interpreter-Mediated Healthcare Encounters Third party insurance?: Interactional role alignment in family member mediated primary care consultations Abstract
Celia Roberts, Srikant Sarangi
Vol 12, No 1 (2015) Third-party turns and shared knowledge: Supports and challenges to disabled people in social care and research settings Abstract
Val Williams, Sue Porter
Vol 10, No 1 (2013) Titling and authorship practices in medical case reports: a diachronic study Abstract   PDF
Françoise Elisabeth Salager-Meyer, María Ángeles Alcaraz Ariza, Marianela Luzardo Briceño
Vol 8, No 3 (2011) To vaccinate or not? The disqualification of commercial sources of health advice in an online forum Abstract
Agnès Vayreda, Charles Antaki
Vol 11, No 1 (2014) Treating without diagnosis: Psychoanalysis in medical settings in Argentina Abstract
Juan Eduardo Bonnin
Vol 15, No 2 (2018): Special Issue: Interpreter-Mediated Healthcare Encounters Triadic medical interaction with a bilingual doctor Abstract
Louisa Willoughby, Marisa Cordella, Simon Musgrave, Julie Bradshaw
Vol 14, No 2 (2017) Two models of ethical alignment through metacommunication in clinical situations Abstract
Frederikke Winther, Camilla Dindler
Vol 16, No 2 (2019): Special Issue: Understanding Change in Psychotherapy Understanding change in psychotherapy: Current trends, methodological challenges, and future directions Abstract
Joanna Pawelczyk, Eva-Maria Graf
Vol 15, No 2 (2018): Special Issue: Interpreter-Mediated Healthcare Encounters Understanding interpreters’ actions in context Abstract
Galina B. Bolden
Vol 8, No 2 (2011) Unlabelled advertorials in Slovenian life-style press: A study of the promotion of health products Abstract
Melita Poler Kovačič, Karmen Erjavec, Katarina Stular
Vol 7, No 2 (2010) Use of Metaphors in Motivational Interviewing Sessions in the Probation Service Abstract
Harri Sarpavaara
Vol 11, No 2 (2014) Using SurveyMonkey® to teach safe social media strategies to medical students in their clinical years Abstract
Katrina A. Bramstedt, Ben Ierna, Victoria Woodcroft-Brown
Vol 10, No 1 (2013) Using videoed simulated clinical interaction to promote communication skills and reflective practice for overseas-born medical students. Abstract   PDF
Kathryn Hill, Jan Hamilton
Vol 11, No 2 (2014) Utilization of patient resources in physiotherapy interventions: Analysis of the interaction concerning non-specific low back pain Abstract
Iréne Josephson, Pia Bülow
Vol 15, No 3 (2018) Values at work: Comparing affirming and challenging narratives of nurses and physicians in a large health system Abstract
Richard M. Frankel, Orit Karnieli-Miller, Thomas S. Inui
Vol 15, No 1 (2018) Verbal and nonverbal communication of agency in illness narratives of patients suffering from medically unexplained symptoms (MUS) Abstract   PDF
Agnieszka Sowińska
Vol 13, No 2 (2016) Verbal compliance-gaining strategies used by male physicians and patient healthcare experience Abstract
Annabel Levesque, Han Z. Li
Vol 14, No 2 (2017) Vulnerability of medical students and professionals to extreme work stress: A select review of the literature Abstract
Maciej Walkiewicz, Małgorzata Tartas
Vol 14, No 3 (2017) What does shared decision making look like in natural settings? A mixed methods study of patient–provider conversations Abstract
Joy Lee, Wynne Callon, Carlton Haywood, Jr., Sophie M. Lanzkron, Pål Gulbrandsen, Mary Catherine Beach
Vol 8, No 1 (2011) What to Eat in the Land of Cheese and Chocolate: A Content Analysis of Swiss Print Media Messages on a Healthy Diet Abstract
Peter J. Schulz, Uwe Hartung
Vol 7, No 2 (2010) When Trustworthiness Matters: How Trust Influences Knowledge-Production and Knowledge-Sharing in a Surgical Department Abstract
Gro Underland
Vol 15, No 2 (2018): Special Issue: Interpreter-Mediated Healthcare Encounters Who is talking now? Role expectations and role materializations in interpreter-mediated healthcare encounters Abstract
Claudia V. Angelelli
Vol 12, No 2-3 (2015): Telemedicine/e-health as mediated communication ‘Am I anorexic?’ Weight, eating and discourses of the body in online adolescent health communication Abstract
Louise Mullany, Catherine Smith, Kevin Harvey, Svenja Adolphs
Vol 13, No 3 (2016) ‘Are we on the same wavelength?’ International nurses and the process of confronting and adjusting to clinical communication in Australia Abstract
Tonia Crawford, Peter Roger, Sally Candlin
Vol 11, No 2 (2014) ‘Autism itself actually isn’t a disability’: Negotiating a ‘normal’ versus ‘abnormal’ autistic identity Abstract
Jessica Nina Lester, Khalid Karim, Michelle O'Reilly
Vol 9, No 3 (2012) ‘Disciplining witnesses’ in the teaching of physiotherapy: Some insights into the practical accomplishment of a science-based healthcare profession Abstract
Clare Kell, Tom Horlick-Jones
Vol 12, No 2-3 (2015): Telemedicine/e-health as mediated communication ‘I can't bear the thought that he might not recognise me’: Personal narratives as a site of identity work in the online Alzheimer’s support group Abstract
Bartłomiej Kruk
Vol 8, No 3 (2011) ‘I think Danish patients would feel the same’: Counter-discourses emerging in the Danish health sector Abstract
Inger Lassen, Jeanne Strunck
Vol 11, No 1 (2014) ‘If it didn't work the first time, we can try it again’: Conditionals as a grounding device in a genre of illness discourse Abstract
Heidrun Dorgeloh
Vol 5, No 2 (2008) ‘Is it alright if I-um-we unbutton your pyjama top now?’ Pronominal use in bedside teaching encounters Abstract
Charlotte Rees, Lynn Monrouxe
Vol 10, No 3 (2013) ‘I’m an expert in me and I know what I can cope with’: Patient expertise in rheumatoid arthritis Abstract
Tessa Sanderson, Jo Angouri
Vol 13, No 2 (2016) ‘Let’s talk more about this’: An analysis of how experts engage novice physicians in pedagogical dialogue Abstract
Diana L. Awad Scrocco
Vol 12, No 2-3 (2015): Telemedicine/e-health as mediated communication ‘Shift’ ‘n ‘control’: The computer as a third interactant in Spanish-language medical consultations Abstract
Ryan Goble, Caroline Vickers
Vol 12, No 2-3 (2015): Telemedicine/e-health as mediated communication ‘The words are stuck inside me; I write to heal’: Memory, recall, and repetition in PTSD blogs Abstract
Vaidehi Ramanathan
Vol 7, No 1 (2010) ‘These psychiatrists rate themselves as gods’: Disengagement and engagement discourses of people living with severe mental illness Abstract
Mike Chase, Jörg Zinken, Alan Costall, Jay Watts, Stefan Priebe
Vol 8, No 2 (2011) ‘Unilateral’ decision making and patient participation in primary care Abstract
Taru Ijäs-Kallio, Johanna Ruusuvuori, Anssi Peräkylä
Vol 12, No 1 (2015) ‘Using Chinese medicine in a Western way’: Negotiating integrative Chinese medicine treatment for Type 2 Diabetes Abstract
Evelyn Y. Ho, Chelsea Lalancette, Genevieve Leung
Vol 14, No 2 (2017) ‘We are the barriers’: Danish general practitioners’ interpretations of why the existential and spiritual dimensions are neglected in patient care Abstract
Elisabeth Assing Hvidt, Jens Søndergaard, Dorte Gilså Hansen, Pål Gulbrandsen, Jette Ammentorp, Connie Timmermann, Niels Christian Hvidt
Vol 14, No 2 (2017) ‘What should a woman do and imagine to have bulimia?’: Co-constructing patient expertise in psychotherapy with bulimia patients Abstract
Joanna Pawelczyk, Małgorzata Talarczyk
Vol 8, No 2 (2011) ‘Whereof one cannot speak thereof one must be silent’: Medical discourse and medical practice Abstract
Per Måseide
Vol 8, No 1 (2011) “Sometimes You’ve Just Got to Have fun, Haven’t You?”: The Discursive Construction of Social Drinking Practices in Young Adults’ Accounts of Chronic Illness Abstract
Benjamin Mark Saunders
Vol 16, No 2 (2019): Special Issue: Understanding Change in Psychotherapy ”Open” and ”closed” therapies: Psychotherapeutic relationship and variety in actions in different phases of therapies Abstract
Liisa Voutilainen, Anssi Peräkylä
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