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Vol 3, No 1 (1996)

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Table of Contents


Foreword PDF
Harry Hollien 1-2


Earwitness identification: common ground, disputed territory and uncharted areas PDF
A.P.A. Broeders 3-13
Consideration of guidelines for earwitness lineups PDF
Harry Hollien 14-23
The influence of style-shifting on voice identification PDF
Ruth Huntley Bahr , Kimberley J. Pass 25-38
Identical twins, different voices PDF
Francis Nolan , Tomasina Oh 39-49
Integrated approach to speaker recognition in forensic applications PDF
Wojciech Majewski , Czeslaw Basztura 50-64
Age estimation by different listener groups PDF
Angelika Braun 65-73
Preparing a voice lineup PDF
Francis Nolan , Esther Grabe 74-94
Fundamental frequency vector for a speaker identification system PDF
Ming Jiang 95-106
Conducting research on the effects of intoxication on speech PDF
Harry Hollien , Camilo A. Martin 107-128
Formant trajectories as indices of phonetic variation for speaker identification PDF
J.C.L. Ingram , R. Prandolini , S. Ong 129-145
Identifying Dr Schneider's voice: an adventure in forensic speaker identification PDF
Hermann Kunzel 146-154
The problem of F0 and real-life speaker identification: a case study PDF
Dagmar Boss 155-159
A report on a voice disguise experiment PDF
Herbert Masthoff 160-167
A report on the acoustic effects of one type of disguise PDF
Ricardo Molina de Figueiredo , Helena Souza Britto 168-175
Evaluation of a foreign speaker in forensic phonetics: a report PDF
Niels O. Schiller , Olaf Koster 176-185

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