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Vol 21, No 2 (2014)

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Table of Contents


Background population: how does it affect LR based forensic voice comparison? PDF
Yuko Kinoshita , Shunichi Ishihara 191-224
Converting time reference in judges’ summations: a study in time reference management in a Creole continuum courtroom PDF
Clive Roy Forrester 225-250
‘Are you going to tell me the truth today?’: Invoking obligations of honesty in police-suspect interviews. PDF
Kelly Benneworth-Gray 251-277
Variability in analyst decisions during the computation of numerical likelihood ratios PDF
Vincent Hughes , Paul Foulkes 279-315
Linguistic politeness in lawyers’ petitions under the Confucian ideal of no litigation PDF
Liping Zhang 317-342
Speaker-individuality in Fujisaki model f0 features: implications for forensic voice comparison PDF
Adrian Leeman , Hansjörg Mixdorff , Maria O'Reilly , Marie-José Kolly , Volker Dellwo 343-370


State-of-the-art in language analysis: a response to the chapter on LADO in the Oxford Handbook of Language and Law PDF
Tina Cambier-Langeveld 371-381
Identifying where people come from by how they speak: a methodological gap worth bridging. A rejoinder to Cambier-Langeveld PDF
Lawrence Solan 383-387

Book Reviews

Language and the Right to Fair Hearing in International Criminal Trials Catherine S. Namakula (2014) Springer 146pp PDF
Ludmila Stern 389-395
Language in the Negotiation of Justice: Contexts, Issues and Applications Christopher Williams and Girolamo Tessuto eds (2013) Ashgate 326pp
Azirah Hashim 397-401
Comparative Legal Linguistics Language of Law, Latin and Modern Lingua Francas, 2nd ed. Heikki E.S. Mattila (2013) Trans. Christopher Goddard Ashgate xvii + 485pp PDF
Edward Finegan 403-408

Book Announcements

Book announcements PDF
Ikuko Nakane 409-412


Remembering Peter Tiersma PDF
Lawrence M. Solan 413-416

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