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Vol 23, No 2 (2016)

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Table of Contents


The pragmatics of legal advice services in a community legal centre in Australia: domination or facilitation? PDF
Cristy Dieckmann , Isolda Rojas-Lizana 167-193
Speaker variability in the realisation of lexical tones PDF
Ricky K. W. Chan 195-214
Exploring restorative justice: dialectics of theory and practice PDF
J. R. Martin , Michele Zappavigna 215-242
The role of syllable intensity in between-speaker rhythmic variability PDF
Lei He , Volker Dellwo 243-273

Case Reports

Case report: Elonis v. United States PDF
Jeffrey P. Kaplan 275-292

Book Reviews

Communication in Investigative and Legal Contexts: Integrated Approaches from Forensic Psychology, Linguistics, and Law Enforcement Gavin Oxburgh, Trond Myklebust, Tim Grant and Rebecca Milne (eds) (2016) Wiley Blackwell xxiv + 377 pp PDF
Janet Ainsworth 293-299
Discursive Constructions of Consent in the Legal Process Susan Ehrlich, Diana Eades and Janet Ainsworth (eds) (2016) Oxford University Press 344pp PDF
Georgina Heydon 301-306

Book Announcements

Book Announcements PDF
Ikuko Nakane 307-311

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