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Vol 11, No 1 (2004)

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Table of Contents


Textual kidnapping revisited: the case of plagarism in literary translation PDF
M. Teresa Turell 1-26
Establishing the structure of police evidentiary interviews with suspects PDF
Georgina Heydon 27-49
Literacy, language and the Peter Blake Principle PDF
Celia Brown-Blake 50-72
Disputed authorship in US Law PDF
Gerald McMenamin 73-82
The 'Mobile Phone Effect' on vowel formants PDF
Catherine Byrne , Paul Foulkes 83-102
Speaker-specific formant dynamics: An experiment on Australian English /aI/ PDF
Kirsty McDougall 103-130

Case Reports

R -v- Ingram, C., Ingram, D. and Whittock, T. The Who Wants to be a Millionaire? fraud trial PDF
Peter French , Philip Harrison 131-145

Book Reviews

Review of Forensic Linguistics: An Introduction to Language in the Justice System by John Gibbons PDF
Bethany K Dumas 146-149
Review of La Langue de La Common Law by Anne Wagner PDF
Christine Chodkiewicz 150-156
Author's Reply to the Review of R. Shuy (2002) Linguistic Battles in Trademark Disputes, reviewed by Jennifer Westerhaus, Vol 10.2 PDF
Roger W. Shuy 156-158

Thesis Abstracts

'Psychological Vulnerabilities' of Adults with Mild Learning Disabilities: Implications for Suspects During Police Detention and Interrogation PDF
Isabel C.H. Clare 160-162
Speaking up in Court: Repair and Powerless Language in New Zealand Courtrooms PDF
Bronwen Innes 163-165
Pragmatic Meaning in Court Interpreting: An Empirical Study of Additions in Consecutively-Interpreted Question-Answer Dialogues PDF
Bente Jacobsen 165-169
Imaginary Trialogues: Conceptual Blending and Fictive Interaction in Criminal Courts PDF
Esther Pascual 169-172

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