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Vol 12, No 2 (2018)

Special Issue: Arabic between tradition and globalization

Guest Editors: Jan Jaap de Ruiter and Karima Ziamari

Table of Contents


Arabic between tradition and globalization. An introduction PDF
Jan Jaap de Ruiter , Karima Ziamari 123-142
Agreement patterns in Omani Arabic: Sociolinguistic conditioning and diachronic developments PDF
Simone Bettega 143-163
Levelling in progress: A case study of young people speaking Moroccan Arabic in Zaragoza, Spain PDF
Montserrat Benítez Fernández 165-183
Arabic kinship terms revisited: The rural and urban context of North-Western Morocco PDF
Amina Naciri-Azzouz 185-208
Juba Arabic (Arabi Juba): A ‘less indigenous’ language of South Sudan PDF
Stefano Manfredi , Mauro Tosco 209-230
Globalization in the periphery: Arabization and the changing status of Siwi Berber in the oasis of Siwa PDF
Valentina Serreli 231-250
The stance of the Academy of the Kingdom of Morocco towards the sociolinguistic context of the country following the 2011 Constitution PDF
Laura Gago Gómez 251-272
Darija in the Moroccan press: The case of the magazine Nichane PDF
Jan Hoogland 273-293


Romance Languages: Multilingualism and Language Acquisition, Anna Gudmunson, Laura Álvarez López and Camilla Bardel (eds) (2017) PDF
Ilpo Kempas 295-297
Developing New Identities in Social Conflicts: Constructivist perspectives, Esperanza Morales-López and Alan Floyd (eds) (2017) PDF
Ilpo Kempas 299-301
Remix Multilingualism. Hip Hop, Ethnography and Performing Marginalized Voices, Quentin Williams (2017) PDF
Linda Flores Ohlson 303-305
Contemporary Chinese Discourse and Social Practice in China, Linda Tsung and Wei Wang (eds) (2015) PDF
Zhang Ke 307-309
Language Policy: A systemic functional linguistic approach, Bingjun Yang and Rui Wang (2017) PDF
Zhang Ke 311-314
Sociolingüística, María José Serrano (2011) PDF
Angela Bartens 315-321

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