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Estudios de Sociolingüística 6.1 2005

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Table of Contents


Kristang (Malacca Creole Portuguese) -- A long-time survivor seriously endangered PDF
Alan N. Baxter 1-37
Linguistic homogeneity in Galician and Portuguese borderland communities PDF
Jaine Beswick 39-64
Linguistic insecurity and phonetic change in northwest Catalan PDF
Josefina Carrera-Sabaté 65-86
Standardization, functional shift and language change in Basque PDF
William Haddican 87-112

Review Essay

Reviews of Language and Identity in the Balkans: Serbo-Croation and its Disintegration by Robert D. Greenberg; Language and Identity: National, ethnic, religious by John Joseph PDF
Aneta Pavlenko 113-119
Continuation of Reviews The Arabic language and national identity: A study in ideology by Yasir Suleiman and Language in South Africa: the role of language in national transformation, reconstruction and development by Vic Webb PDF
Aneta Pavlenko 113-119


Review of English-Only Europe? Challenging Language Policy by Robert Phillipson PDF
Monika S. Schmid 119-123
Review of Black Linguistics: Language, Society and politics in Africa and the Americas Edited bySinfree Makoni, Geneva Smitherman, Arnetha F. Ball & Arthur K. Spears PDF
Tope Omoniyi 123-127
Reivew of Sociolingüística , (3r d extended edition), by Humberto López Morales PDF
Jonathan Holmquist 128-129
Review of El lenguaje político español by Emilio Alejandro Núñez Cabezas y Susana Guerrero Salazar PDF
Xavier MARTIN-RUBIÓ 129-133
Review of Reflections on Multiliterate Lives Edited by Diane Belcher and Ulla Connor PDF
Francisco Martin Miguel 134-135
Review of Langues et contacts de langues dans l’aire méditerranéenne. Pratiques, représentations, gestions Henri Boyer (ed.) PDF
Carsten Sinner 136-139
Review of Style and Sociolinguistic Variation by Penelope Eckert & John R. Rickford PDF
Virginia Acuna Ferreira 140-142
Review of Así son las cosas… Análisis del discurso informativo en televisión by Francisco Fernández García PDF
Review of O galego segundo a mocidade Manuel Gonzalez Gonzalez (dir.) PDF
Eloi Gestido De La Torre 146-150
Review of The Language, Ethnicity and Race ReaderEdited by Roxy Harris & Ben Rampton PDF
Review of A Sociolinguistic History of Parisian French by R. Anthony Lodge PDF
Begoña Crespo Garcia 155-158
Review of Languages in a Globalising World Edited by Jacques Mauraid & Michael A. Morris PDF
Petek KurtbÖke 159-164
Review of Culture-specific language styles: The development of oral narrative and literacy by Mashahiko Minami PDF
Beatriz Martin del Camp 165-169
Review of Language Policy by Bernard Spolsky PDF
Carol Benson 170-174

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